Vaping 2.0: How Modernization Transformed Today’s Vaping

Vaping is proven to be the best and most effective smoking cessation for any smoker, but there was a time when vaping was not seen the way it should suppose to be. Since vaping became a popular alternative to smoking, it has garnered much wrong attention. From vaping regulations and vapers that are not meant to be vaping, here’s Vaping 2.0 as a doorway to knowing how modernization affected vaping.

The Hype Train of Vaping

Several trends and hypes arose amid the rise in the popularity of vaping. A particular unwanted bandwagon made the public view negative to vaping. Such trends are increasing in popularity over the internet thanks to the help of social media. One of which is the popularity of vape tricks. Vape tricks are the cool-looking and sometimes jaw-dropping exhibitions of manipulating vapors a vaping device produces. Yes, it does make vaping way more popular and appealing, but in the wrong department. People are now vaping not because of the primary purpose of vaping, which is as an effective smoking cessation to quit the bad habit but to join the hype and gather self-popularity instead. The worst part is that the people joining the vaping bandwagon are those part of society that is not even allowed to vape or smoke. The popularity of vaping during this period spread like wildfire, and just like that, it became uncontrollable as well—spreading the vaping lifestyle as leisure instead of a better alternative to smoking.

The Unwanted Trend Produced an Unexpected Solution

Because of the inappropriate consumers joining the vaping community, many vaping regulations were implemented by law in various countries. Since reliable studies and research in both medical and scientific fields proved that vaping is 95% better than smoking, these laws are meant to target consumers that are not appropriate for both vaping and smoking. Various types of trends and hypes of vaping cause this problem, but they are also the ones who made the unexpected solution.

These trends require a specific type of vaping device that excels in one type of vaping trend. Vaping brands are now challenged to upgrade their existing vaping devices and continue to produce new and more powerful vaping devices as a solution. These innovations cost more to produce; thus, new vaping device models are priced way higher than the previously released ones.

The inappropriate consumers now cannot afford such expensive new models of vaping devices to cope with the vaping trend while avoiding being redundant in the hype. The recent popularity of disposable vapes and pod kits as the modern way of vaping also helped to put vaping on the right path with the appropriate consumers—a smoking cessation for smokers. See, disposable vapes and pod kits cannot do massive clouds of vapors making vape tricks merely impossible or dull with these devices. Today, vaping is again on the right track to popularity without unwanted and inappropriate consumers. Disposable vapes and pods are less prohibited in most countries worldwide, while vaping mods that can be used for leisure purposes are strictly prohibited and almost unsellable.

Final Thoughts

Sure, trends like vape tricks and cloud chasing are exciting and entertaining. The vaping community also produced a lot of competition with these vape trends. The only type of competition where everyone is responsible and has zero violent incidents happening. But the most notable aspect that shows how responsible vapers are is they are willing to sacrifice these very sportsmanship and peaceful competition to eliminate unwanted consumers and make society’s view of vaping positive again, which is to serve vaping as the most effective and better way to stop smoking.



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